Korean Skincare

It’s only been 3 months since I wrote about my skincare routine but it’s changed a little so I thought that I’ll do a mini update. In the month of July, I lived in Korea as I was on a summer programme so my lifestyle changed and I got to try new products so that changed my routine + the products I used a little!

It used to be: Cleansing wipes/ Cure Aqua Gel Chemical Exfoliator > Oil Cleanser/ Balm > Muji Sensitive Skin + Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Cleanser w Foreo > Tub Masks > Muji Sensitive Toning Water > BioTherm Life Plankton Essence > Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution + Niacinamide > Sheet Mask > Toner > Jeju Volcanic Lava Pore Serum > Eye Cream > Sleeping Mask > Vaseline

There is a significant change to my routine because by the time I left for Korea, I’d already finished up some of the products + I didn’t bring a lot of these products to Korea since I wanted to try what they had. Also, the summer programme was kind of intense because classes were from 9am – 7pm so my day was just school > dinner > homework > sleep and I barely had time to sleep and much less for the routine above.

Hence, there are product changes and my routine has shortened significantly. I wanted to do a first impressions/ review of the products I used during the programme but my laptop strangely broke down the moment I touched down in Korea and miraculously worked the moment I returned to Singapore (I really don’t know why I didn’t do anything to it) HAHA For repeated items, I will not say anything about them because I already had and my opinion hasn’t changed HAHA so lets get down to the routine~

Step 1: Banila Co. Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm 


This is a really popular cleansing balm from Korea. I heard so much of it and I knew I had to try it there because Singaporean Stores doesn’t carry this brand and I am rather neutral about this. It comes in a jar with a spatula provided so it’s quite sanitary and a plus point is that it doesn’t sting your eyes when it gets in so in that sense, you don’t have to switch between 2 removers. You don’t have to use a lot of the product as well – a pea sized amount is more than enough to remove a whole face of makeup so that awesome as well. I’ll remove the product with a paper towel first before washing off with luke warm water. In general, it does what it’s supposed to: remove makeup thoroughly so in that aspect, this product delivers but I wouldn’t say that there is a significant difference compared to the Innisfree Blackout Balm that I was using previously in terms of delivery. Perhaps the advantage is that it comes in a larger jar so there’s more value for money!  I can’t remember the exact price for it but I know it was slightly above 20 000W so that’s around $25SGD.

Step 2: Clinique Liquid Facial Soap + Tsururi Face Pore Cleansing Brush 

IMG_5264 IMG_5266

The cleanser is a repeated item so if you wanna know more you can refer to my previous post. Just a quick question: When I first bought this, the product was more viscous, gel-like. But somehow it’s become really thin, flowing more like water. Did anyone else experience this?????

I’ve couple it with a brush because the pores on my nose are a little huge and it always doesn’t seem clean enough so I wanted to get into them a little more and clean them well. I’d lather up the cleanser with my hands and use my hands first before squirting some product on the brush and using the brush. I will then wash everything off with water. Personally, I think that the brush is a little big for my nose but I do think that my nose is cleaner when I use it!! I can’t remember the price for this and I can’t find the price online but it’s probably less than $20SGD I think!!

Step 3: Etude House Wonder Pore Deep Foaming Cleanser + Foreo 


I was not intending to try this cleanser at all. Originally my plan was to try another one but I couldn’t find it so I grabbed this while I was picking up the Wonder Pore Freshner because they were from the same line anyway. I really love the scent of this cleanser and this cleanser is really really to wash off so that’s really awesome for someone who’s skin clogs easily. It lathers really well too so it’s really gentle on the skin and my skin is super clean by the time I wash it off.

Step 4: Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine 


This is another product that has been highly raved about in the beauty community so I knew I had to try it too. Basically you get a jar of 30 soaked pads and you gently swipe this all over your face using the threaded side first followed by the cotton side. It was also recommended for you to pat the pads on problem areas because the juice is really beneficial for your skin (if I didn’t remember wrongly it contains tons of antioxidants and also AHA). Comparing ease of use, this is definitely easier than using the Cure Aqua Gel but I think the gel leaves my face softer. I didn’t really see a huge difference as compared to the time I used the Cure Aqua Gel so I probably won’t be repurchasing this when I’m through with it.

Step 5: Nature Republic Sheet Masks


There is no particular reason why I’ve decided to use sheet masks from Nature Republic other than the fact that they were on sale – 25 pieces for 9500W ($12SGD) so that’s like dirt cheap to be honest HAHA One thing I got to say is that the shape of the sheet is really too huge and there isn’t a lot of juice left in the packet as compared to the My Beauty Diary ones so that’s rather disappointing 😦

Step 6: Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner (Toner)


So of course, being in Korea meant that this product would cost less than it would if I got it in Singapore so I knew I had to get back on this toner AND GUESS WHAT THERE WAS A PROMO SO IT WAS BUY ONE GET ONE FREE HAHAHA I was honestly so damn happy. It’s 15 000W for one so basically I paid $10SGD for one bottle hehe I’m not too sure if it’s purely this product or the fact that I used it with the cleanser from this range but by the third day, I noticed that my blackheads have largely disappeared and my nose looks much cleaner

Step 7: Missha Time Revolution (Moist) Essence


This is another product that was rather disappointing for me. It’s known to be a good dupe for the SKII Facial Treatment Essence and I’ve heard so many people talk about how their skin cleared up upon using this but sadly none of this happened to me 😦  I didn’t notice a lot of difference after using this so I probably will not repurchase this when I’m done. Thankfully I got this for around $35SGD in Korea and I don’t like is as much because if I do, getting this is Singapore would cost me $80SGD so I guess this is a blessing in disguise HAHA It’s really liquidy in texture so I use a cotton pad to help with application.

Step 8: Khiel’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution (Aforementioned Item) 

Step 9: Jojoba Oil + BioOil 

I have, sadly, replaced my Body Shop Drop of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask because for some strange reason it was breaking me out so badly. I don’t think it’s because it’s not compatible with my skin since it worked so well when I first started on it. I think I probably did not store it properly or it just got contaminated since it’s such a wide jar. I know that a lot of people are really averse to putting oil on their faces and I understand – it could bring about more breakouts/ it’s really heavy and doesn’t absorb properly. However, I have found that my face is much brighter when I wake up in the morning and it does soothe the zits I have so all in, I really believe in incorporating oils into your skincare/ makeup if you are willing to try. For me, I occasionally use oils to cleanse, moisturise and mix with my foundation. There are different oils out there and the more popular ones are olive and coconut. I chose to use Jojoba Oil because it’s moisturising and more importantly, it’s anti-inflammatory so it does help my pimples go down/ be less red. Bio Oil helps improve the appearance of scars and uneven skin tone which is what I need for my hyper-pigmentation issues. But I guess the biggest benefit it that it does help with oil control because it tells your skin that there is already oil on the skin so the skin won’t need to produce more oil. Usually, I mix in 2 drops of each and I’ll REALLY warm it up using my hands but rubbing my hands together super quickly and then patting it in. I don’t personally mind the heaviness but I guess if you do, one drop is more than enough for your whole face.

So this is what I did for my month in Korea!! It’s significantly shorter that what I used to, especially on days when I don’t exfoliate/ apply my sheet masks. I can’t say my thoughts about this is fixed because I noticed that my skin was way shittier in Korea and I’m not too sure if it was because the apartment was dirty/ I wasn’t used to the air and weather/ I changed too many products at one go/ I was really stressed and not getting enough sleep. But I would say that it’s largely accurate, though I will continue to observe and update accordingly should there be any changes!! Anyway, I’ve found that my vocabulary is really limited I really need to work on that T.T

Aside from skincare, I’m pretty invested in makeup as well and I’ve had people asking me how I do my makeup so I have been considering doing a post on it but I’m still not too sure how to go about doing it because I don’t want to post pictures of my face but it’s SO HARD TO SHOW YOU GUYS WITHOUT PICTURES sigh idk I’ll figure something out


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