HI I KNOW I PROMISED A BRAND REVIEW BUT for Lush, one of the products went missing T.T I am very sad about that so I’m only left with the Mask of Magniminty…. hence I decided to just include it here. The other brand was Mario Badescu but to be really honest, I s-t-i-l-l haven’t finished trying it out because I have many other products still half-used so… I would like to finish those first HAHA

Ok anyway this post is about my night time routine. I never intended to adopt the 10-steps Korean beauty. I didn’t even know that I was doing it until I saw some youtube videos on it and I was like ‘OMO I AM DOING IT (kinda)!!!’. If you’re thinking that I’m lying because there’s no way I could possibly be using all the products mentioned and actually be using them in the exact sequence without even knowing it, well, initially my night time routine was: mask-toner-serum-moisturiser. And that was like a good year or two before. Then I read that you have to use eye cream to offset wrinkles and that you should use it before your moisturiser. And then I read from somewhere else of this new miracle called the essence which helps to increase your skin’s absorption of the expensive things you’re putting on your face so you should use that after your toner, before all that expensive things. On another occasion, I went for a facial and the facial lady said that I should wash my face twice because my skin clogs really easily. And on another page I read that oil cleansing is DA BOMB because it’ll really dissolve all that waterproof makeup and 16 years of education taught me that whatever non-water soluble is oil and oil dissolves oil so that makes sense right. So with a bit of logical reasoning I pieced everything tgt and somehow I arrived at my current skin care routine as follows. BUT DISCLAIMER this is not the exact routine adopted by koreans I’ll point out differences as I go along HAHA

My skin is combination oily, sensitive, easily clogged and have severe acne scare hyperpigmentation. I have large pore on my nose I call my nose the strawberry.


Step 1: Cleansing wipes 

Ok this is only used when I have makeup on, which isn’t all the time. I do this because I want to remove the bulk of makeup I have on first, which will make cleansing easier and more thorough later on. This is important because my skin is a giant sponge when it comes to dirty things so I really need my skin to be squeakily clean.

Step 1: Exfoliation 

No, I did not type my number wrongly. On days I don’t wear makeup, I’ll exfoliate my skin with the Cure Natural Aqua Gel. It’s the kind of exfoliator you put on your face and then white beads start appearing and those are supposedly your excess dead skin cells. I KNOW that exfoliation is supposed to happen after cleansing but honestly that only applies to bead exfoliators. The rational for using bead exfoliators after cleanser is really to avoid having those beads drive dirt further into your skin. However, chemical/ gel cleansers like this one doesn’t contain beads. It simply takes off a layer of your skin I swear you can feel if after you’re done I’m not kidding. I’m 95% sure this is something I will use for the rest of my life tho it’s really quite expensive. It’s SGD$49 sob.

Step 2: Oil Cleanser/ Cleansing Balm 

k so I don’t have pic for this because I totally forgot about cleansing so no pics for steps 1, 2 and 3.  HAHA. Like I said above, Oil dissolves oil. Personally I am a disgusting sweating pig so non-waterproof makeup just melts on me so I have to use waterproof makeup and OF COURSE THOSE ARE NON-POLAR so you gotta use oil cleansers to get all that stuff out. Not only so, your face produces oil naturally and everything that is trapped on your face would be dissolved in oil as well so it makes sense to use oil to get all that dissolved things out (because water and oil don’t mix if you didn’t know that so if you use water it’s not getting near any of that shyt). SO YES MORAL OF THE STORY USE OIL CLEANSER. Okay I’m using the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm for now. I used to use a blend of olive and coconut oil but I find oil cleanser a little troublesome because you need a warm towel to wipe all that off so I got lazy because the cleansing balm comes off with just water ^^ Okay anyway that is arnd SGD$8 if I didn’t remember wrongly. yup ok I checked THE PRICE IS RIGHT.


Step 3: Soap Cleansers

So for this part, I use 2 cleansers: the Muji Sensitive Skin Face Soap Foam and the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap. I don’t feel strongly about the Muji cleanser Im just using it because I bought it LEL I don’t think it’s great tbh I just wanna finish using it because I don’t wanna waste the money spent (though its actually my bf who bought it for me in Japan HAHA I went on the roller coaster with him and was so scared I burst into tears and was really upset so we went on a Muji spree to cheer yours truly up hehe) The clinique cleanser is really gentle tho! I love it HAHA it doesn’t wash off completely clean but it’s mild and it doesn’t dry out my skin and for someone with super sensitive skin, having a cleanser that doesn’t break me out is rare. I found that I break out when the cleanser isn’t washed off properly so I was really glad that I found this. THE BEST PART IS THAT I BOUGHT IT FOR SGD$17 BECAUSE THEY CAME TO MY SCHOOL AND HAD A HUGE SALE WUHU (I made my mom buy me another one when I was in HK cuz it was cheaper) This is SGD$35 from Sephora. Okay another cleanser I really like is the Philosophy Total Matteness Pore Minimizing & Mattifying Cleanser. Aside from sensitivity, my face is a oil mine (I considered selling facial oil for a living once) so I have larger pores as well, especially on my nose. This cleanser really helped with that a lot but I was a stupid and decided to try other cleanser so…… pores got larger. SIGH but it’s ok I HAVE A NEW BOTTLE IN MY STASH AND MY MUJI ONE IS RUNNING OUT HA HA HA YAY TO SMOL PORES (this is SGD$45 btw)


I cleanse my face with the Foreo Luna 2 because I find that using a tool really helps me clean my face properly. When I use my fingers, somehow the pimples come out in places where the gaps between my hands don’t cover (do you even get what I mean Im so bad at describing Im so sorry) so I need a tool for cleansing and the best part is that I GOT IT FOR SGD$150 DESPITe USUAL RETAIL AT $299 because there was a sale on sephora (not the VIB sometime you get gems like this when you click on the sale section) so it was USG$167 and I applied my 10% discount so it was USD$150 HA HA HA HA HA I AM A GENIUS


Step 4: Tub Mask 

OK HERE COMES THE VERY BAD PICTURES I was really lazy to edit so forgive me they are quite over exposed HAHA

FullSizeRender 6

The first one is the Lush Mask of Magnaminty, recommened to me by a friend who swore that her pimples and redness went down. Sadly, I didn’t share her experience and found that it was breaking me out a bit?? IDK it’s minty too, which I really hate. So overall, I’m not crazy over this and I prolly won’t repurchase this because it’s not really working for me I hate mint and there’s a really short expiry date. SOB. (The other product I got is the Dark Angels cleanser THAT IS GUD but I lost it because I was carrying it between home/hall/bf house so I must have misplaced it somewhere I am still mourning). But Im still using the mask because it costs OMG I JUST GOOGLED THE PRICE BEAUSE I CANT RMB THE PRICE AND IT’S SGD$49 WOW A $50 MASK THAT BREAKS ME OUT I AM SO HAPPY WITH MYSELF RIGHT NOW. Okay, anyway guys if you wanna try it, just get the smaller tub first don’t be an auntie and think that the larger one has better value for money since there’s more product per unit price UNLESS YOU WANT TO REGRET LIKE ME when it breaks you out.


The second one is this guy from Innisfree, their Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask HAHA I have a small obsession with their products because they are rather cheap and does commit to their claims. This mask is meant for pores (yes I am obsessed w my pores) and I find that it doesn’t work… sometimes. Sometimes, my nose is super clean after this but sometime it just looks the same I’m not too sure I’m honestly confused I don’t understand why this is happening but I still use it because there’s a 50% chance I’ll get a clean(er) nose after using. It’s SDG$21 in stores!

FullSizeRender 11

This third one is quite new from CAOLION, the Hot and Cold Pore Pack Duo! I have never heard of this brand before but it was appealing because it has 2 products in one: a self-heating mask that claims to open up your pores and has charcoal sucking all the toxins out and then a cooling one to tighten your pores after that. I’ve only used this once BUT THERE WAS A VISIBLE DIFFERENCE SO IM INCLUDING IT HERE no la actually I just took all the masks that I own and decided that I should just talk about all of them LOL but for real, I did see my pores being smaller tho not much cleaner ._.  But ok, you really feel is heating up so that feels kinda nice I guess.. tho when I used it yesterday it was more burning than warming..? The cooling mask contains mint so I’m not happy with that but then again what else is cooling other than mint I shouldn’t be so picky. This is SGD$45 from Sephora! (BTW if you’re in SG there’s VIB sale now so good money yo)


I do not use all 3 masks at one go (in case you’re confused). It depends on my skin condition that day but I do reach for the Mask of Magnaminty more simply because I wanna finish it ASAP haha. This step is not in the Korean skincare routine but I like to add it in because I just want to clean my skin even more HAHA

Step 5: Toner

FullSizeRender 2

There is honestly nothing special about the toner I’m using lol. This is a Muji Sensitive Toning Water-High Moisture and this was one other thing I picked up from Japan HAHA BUT ok the point of this really is the bottle I’m using HAHA I absolutely love this bottle because of the way it dispenses the toner. It’s actually the Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Nail Remover Container HAHA not meant for toners clearly. You just have to press down and it’ll pump toner out which will be soaked by your cotton pad WUHU I love it It’s SGD$5. I really do love the Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner as a toner actually. I bought it because it was on 50% sale (Etude house does random sales IDGI but Im not complaining) so I was SGD$16 for a good 300ml but I never chanced upon another sale so 😦 BUT OK it’s good because it really does minimise your pores! I used this tgt with the White Clay Cleanser (THAT THEY HAVE DISCONTINUED WHY ETUDE HOUSE GIMME AN ANSWER) and I really didn’t have pore problems 😦 So yes, I’ll be getting this once my toner runs out HAHA If you can’t do the math, normal retail price is SGD$32. Another one is the Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Facial Toner. I bought this for my boyfriend and it really R E A L L Y mattifies your face I’m not even kidding. I got it during their toner sale for SGD$15 but normal retail price is SGD$24.90.

Step 6: Essence 

FullSizeRender 8

Okay the only reason why I bought this even tho it’s severely overpriced for my budget is because they came to my school once and I was completely sold by the story for the live plankton water healing the dog’s wound and how it’ll heal my face too. Im a complete sucker for stories I am really really gullible. This is the BioTherm Life Plankton Essence. LOL I got my first bottle for SGD$58 (200ml one) at Shilla, the DTF cosmetics shop in Changi Airport (they had a sale, I realised Im always trying new things when there is a sale but that makes sense right right right BUY NEW EXP THINGS DURING SALES EVERYONE) and initially it broke my out SO BAD i stopped using it for a new months but I remembered how pricey it was so I made myself use it again and thank goodness it didn’t break me out anymore??? Im again confused because I find that products that break me out the first time I use the don’t when I return to use them after taking a break IDK. But yes it is really hydrating you can feel it HAHA so I made my mom buy it for me at the airport when we went overseas…. until she asked me to pay her the money back -.-  I use this with a cotton pad because the mild exfoliation from wiping your face  a cotton pad helps product absorption. This is SGD$78 for 125ml and SGD$105 for the 200ml.

Step 7: Serum

FullSizeRender 5

I’m using a blend of the Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution and The Ordinary’s Niacinamide to work on my really bad hyper pigmentation from acne scarring T.T The Kiehl’s serum is something I really swear by…..if you have a lot of money. I first bought the 30ml version and it really helped with my hyper pigmentation but I was going through the bottle as slowly as I could because it was SGD$92 please don’t ask me why I bought I was probably very desperate T.T so I finished it and got my boyfriend to repurchase it for me when he went to US and I’m not too sure how much this 100ml bottle is since it was paid for with a bunch of other items in USD but I know this size isn’t available in Singapore T.T so you guy can prolly get the SGD$92 one… Im pretty certain I won’t be repurchasing after I’m done with this bottle because it’s really expensive and I can’t afford this lifestyle yet 😥 The Ordinary’s Niacinamide is supposed to shrink my pores and apparently according to Liah Yoo, it helps with hyper pigmentation as well HAHA Personally, the best part of this product is really it’s price tag because it’s around SGD$10 like dude a serum for SGD$10 what else are you looking for LOL


Step 8: Sheet Mask

FullSizeRender 9

I read somewhere that you should use a sheet mask because it’s a cheat way to get everything in your skin but I’m not too sure why you’re using it after serum maybe it’s to push everything into your skin HAHA I’m using these ones from My Beauty Diary because it’s the cheapest ones out there. Don’t buy it when there isn’t a sale, just wait for one from SaSa they have regular sales for this!! It’s either one for SGD$13.90 or two for SGD$25 so don’t buy unless there are these sales!! What I like most about this is how it fits my face (I have a really smol face because my head is tiny.. I fit the USS Children’s shrek cap just for reference) and there’s still a lot of product left in the packaging which you can put on your face after the 20mins of sheet mask. Also, there is a huge range of different types of masks targeting different needs so I’m pretty sure everyone can find something. I usually massage the excess serum/ juice in using my Foreo Luna 2 just to get everything in hehe. By this step, I would’ve noticed more translucency to my skin and more glow!! WUHU


Step 9: Toner

Okay this step isn’t in the korean skincare as well but the reason why I include this step is because I read that the residual products from the sheet of the sheet masks isn’t good and it’s best to get those out using a toner (if you didn’t know, aside from balancing pH and tightening pores, toners also clean out small dirt that your cleansers can’t get out. This is why sometimes your toner cotton pad is grey/ blackish even after you cleansed properly) If you’re thinking: YOU’RE STRIPPING AWAY EVERYTHING YOU JUST DID!! No, I’m not because everything I have used is supposed to be in my skin, absorbed. Everything else that gets removed from this step would be anything unabsorbed which would block/clog my skin so the point here is to really make sure that what you used is absorbed to maximise your moolah.

Step 10: Essence

FullSizeRender 3

So here, I use another essence from Face Shop, the Jeju Volcanic Lava Pore Serum, aimed at tightening pores (what more are you expecting haha). By here, I just want to use something to close my pores for good and lock in all above investments HAHA This is also not in the korean skincare routine but it’s just a little strange to me if I don’t add in smth rich/ helpful after using a toner. I can’t find the price online but I vaguely remember it to be around SGD$32….. so yea if you’re interested, pls use this price as an estimate only!!


Step 11: Eye Cream

FullSizeRender 4

For eyes, I’m using the Belief: First Aid 360 Eye Care Mask. I don’t see any effect from this but I just want to finish using it HAHA Personally I don’t see any effects from any eye cream I’ve used. I’ve tried the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Eye Cream and the Clinique All about eyes but these products have not been helping with my dark circles 😦 Maybe the cure is really to sleep early sob

Step 12: Sleeping Mask

FullSizeRender 10

THIS IS REALLY GOOD OK THIS IS THE BODY SHOP DROPS OF YOUTH BOUNCY SLEEPING MASK THE FIRST NIGHT I USED IT I WOKE UP AND MY SKIN GLOWED LIKE I WAS A LIGHTBULB I LOVE IT I am really happy with this. This is SGD$49 but my mom bought it for me HAHA Anyway I really must say that this is awesome I don’t know what it does but my skin looks awesome the next morning I don’t care HAHA But ok it’s a little expensive so I’ll prolly ask my mom to get it for me again when I’m through with this hehe


Step 13: Vaseline

FullSizeRender 7.jpg

This finals step is for the your eyelashes and your brows. Vaseline promotes hair growth so if you put this to your eyelashes before you sleep you’ll find that they are longer in about a week’s time! I use this on my brows in a desperate attempt for it to be more dense because I have no brows. Zero. None. Ok maybe a little but they are really sparse 😦


K SUPER LONG POST but I hope you learnt a thing or two??? I’ll try to be more active ok since I’ve relatively more free this few months because it’s the summer break ^^ I’ll be heading to korea for the month of July so look out for more fun products! I’m considering  vlogging my days in Korea so if I do and you’re curious to see how I really look like I’ll put links to my videos here HAHA. Also thinking if I should so a simple makeup routine but Im not pretty so not confident to put pictures of my face up here haha plus Im not that good at makeup also ha ha ha see how


Ok this post is sponsored by my Mom, my boyfriend and the accidental sales I chance upon. HAHA Photos are taken w my canon and slightly edited using the photos app on the iPhone (yes this is how lazy I was today sorry guys)


7 thoughts on “NIGHT TIME ROUTINE

  1. huixingg says:

    I try to do this almost every night!! HAHA You can do some work/ watch netflix during mask time so you can reduce the amount of time spend! Just have to make sure that you hands are clean before touching your face ^^

  2. huixingg says:

    I HOPE YOULL LIKE IT!! Btw you should ask for a sample and try first before actually buying it!!

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