So yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I wasn’t exactly really excited because I knew what was gonna happen and honestly, it felt like just another day. BUT it’s really not the way it went HAHA

So a couple of really happy things happened and I just really want to share them hehe

Firstly, after 8 years of wishing, I GOT BRACES. Okay it’s my second day in and it’s hurting so I’m not as excited as I was yesterday but I was REALLY HAPPY. IMG_9214.JPGAs you can see, I have bunny teeth so that’s always made me quite self-conscious (on top of other things). I never really liked smiling with teeth when I’m around people I’ve just met. I’ve really wanted them fixed but was always put off by the cost but now that I have a wee bit of extra income + some dental issues, I decided to go ahead and get them done anyway HAHA

Next, my bb gave me a watch for Valentine’s and it was a watch that I’ve been eyeing on for quite awhile so I was really super happy to get it (Tho I very obviously hinted at it) hehehehehe On top of that, I got an Eeyore keychain (You will see it soon) and I really LOVE EEYORE I LOVE IT IT’S SOOOO CUTE YOU’LL SEE <333

For dinner,  we went for a buffet with rock oysters and sashimi and cold prawns and sri makan crab ok let the pictures do the talking shall we (Pictures are really warm but… I’m lazy to edit soooooo)

IMG_9140.JPGIMG_9180.JPGIMG_9107.JPGIMG_9154.JPGIMG_9106.JPGIMG_9170.JPGYou can totally tell that my bra has dropped to the 18th level of hell LOL I don’t have saggy boobs guys it’s just………. the bra. Really bad pictures and lighting and colours are all over the place omg but yassssssssss I’m tired and lazy (I slept around 4 hours last night after the dinner so I’m still sleep-deprived) My braces only began to limit me during dinner so I had to cut up all the food before I could eat them (or rather, he had to cut it up all for me HAHA) IMG_9163.JPG

So after dinner, we visited Lush because I wanted to check out a cleanser + mask that my friend recommended. I also tried out the jelly soap (I love it) and so I decided to get the cleanser and mask but not the soap cuz it’s really quite expensive and guess what, THEY GAVE ME THE SOAP FOR FREE AND I JUST STARTED SHRIEKING IN THE SHOP obviously the cashiers laughed at me but I guess they were glad that I liked it too hehe NOW THEY’VE GAINED A LOYAL FAN WEEEE I love free things please can I have more I am a Singaporean I’m born this way #toofaced

And lastly, my bb surprised me by decorating my hall room wall and it’s so cute because I figured out his surprised and he was just so upset because it’s the second surprised he’s had for me but I guessed both HAHAHA I don’t like surprises anyway. I prefer guessing and getting them right so you can continue doing that ^^ (He reads my posts hehe, yes even the makeup/ skincare ones).

So basically, I’m blogging because all these good things happened to me and I’m just sooooo grateful and happy ❤ Thanks B for making my day ❤ Because honestly, if not for him, I wouldn’t have gotten my braces or watch or the dinner or even entered lush. So thanks for giving me the courage to do the things I’ve always wanted to do and also everything that I want. I love youuuuuuuu ❤ ❤ ❤

(I’ll probably be blogging about the new skincare products that I got recently but it won’t be soon since I’m still testing them out and I haven’t been sleeping much so what I’ve experienced isn’t actually a good measure of the efficacy of the products… OR I’ll be talking about my braces  but since I’m only 2 days in…… that’ll take awhile too HAHA as of now I’m grumpy and whiny and surviving on liquid 😦 But beauty comes at a price right right right I feel like an army boy counting down to the end of my journey lel )


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