Birthday Haul


This is at least 2 months late because all these were purchased in November/ December but I just never gotten down to writing about them simply because I haven’t tried them all and till now, I still haven’t. Regardless, I was really happy with my purchases because most of them were bought on 20% sale due to Black Friday/ Cyber Monday and they came with free shipping (except the zoeva brush, still palette, the moonshot foundation stick and the 3ce stick blush which were all from Sephora but still were on 20%).

From Colourpop, I managed to get a couple of sets and they were SO worth it.

IMG_7286.JPGFor Fox Sake is a nude liquid lipstick set and honestly this was a last minute addition to my cart so I actually didn’t get an opportunity to see what was inside and never actually bothered to check the shades when it arrived. So one day I casually picked one of the non-glittery tubes and applied it and it was GORGEOUS and when I flipped to the bottom of the tube, i realised it was ECHO PARK and I was so happy!! I have always wanted to get that shade but never really gotten down to getting it (for some strange, unknown reason) so I was really happy HAHA Trap is a lighter nude shade and I’m rather tan so it doesn’t fit me that well 😦 I don’t have a vivid impression of the other 3 shades to be honest HAHA This set was USD25 so it’s pretty worth it to me

IMG_7285.JPGThis is a lippie stix set called Persuede Me and it costs USD25 too. I never actually gotten down to trying because I couldn’t bear to take them out of the box (evident from this photo) I CANT EVEN GET MYSELF TO SPRAWL THEM ON THE BED (these pictures were taken on the bed) BUT I WILL SOON HAHAH

IMG_7289.JPGI also got some of the limited edition Hello Kitty lip products like Konnichiwa, Let’s Play (both are lippie stix, USD 5) and Supercute (liquid lipstick USD 6). I felt rather misled when the products arrived to be honest……… From what I could tell from the photos, Let’s Play was a deep red and it was BUT there was glitter on it…………… and Supercute seemed like a nice pink shimmery gloss but when it came it was pink glitter suspended in clear gloss and I really had no idea what to make of it… So I can’t say that I’m in love with them just as yet because the brain takes 7-8months to process forgiveness and we’re only 2 months in. HAHA okay anyway Konnichiwa is more of a morphe cool tone pink and sometimes it doesn’t look nice on me especially when I’m tan 😦


IMG_7287.JPGConfession: I only bought the Zingara Eyeshadow set for the deep red shade called Paradox…. I haven’t found the best way to use colour pop shadows just as yet because the colour payoff isn’t great when you use a brush (yes I have tried using a synthetic brush) so I can only use my fingers BUT my eyelids aren’t that wide and my fingers aren’t that small so it has been quite a challenge 😦 regardless the shadows are really pigment and they do work for a super warm look like one you would in autumn but it’s spring now so, I’ll prolly mention them again in September LOL

IMG_7290.JPG I managed to snag some Kylie liquid lipsticks. My first stick was actually Reign that’s a metallic warm Brown and I really loved it because it was a really gorgeous shade so when she dropped some sale I couldn’t resist. I went in and got myself the Mary Jo K, Candy K and Heir because these shades were really highly raved about and it’s really not hard to tell why. Funny story: I ordered the Mary Jo K lip kit because all know how much easier and flawless red lips are with the use of lip liners and I don’t have a red lip liner anyway. But the parcel came with just the single liquid lipstick and being the money-minded Singaporean I am, I shot out an email to customer service with a picture and I was sent the lip kit a few weeks later which means to say that I have an extra, brand new unopened Mary Jo K liquid lipstick sitting in my drawer now HO HO HO YAY ME thanks for fumbling, packaging dude!!


Before this Eyes are the Window Still palette, the other nude palette I had was the Stilla In the Light palette + a Catrice one (but there were only like… 4 shades that I use because the others just don’t show on my skin) and I’m damn greedy so I wanted a nude matte palette and obviously I looked at the Urban Decay one but I guess the tester I tried was already spoiling so the colour payoff was really bad and I thought that there was a problem with the actual product and not the tester so I went around and saw this and thought that this was perfect. I love how I can create a warm brown look or a pink one or something in between and the orange shade was really a surprise because I thought it was a shade that i would NEVER use but I found that it was perfect in adding more warmth which really goes with my tanned skin ^^ FullSizeRender.jpg Somehow, I got the impression that stick products were the best because I heard so much about the Hourglass stick foundation and a couple of others so I wanted to try one but they were so expensive……… then I found this moonshot one and I asked for a brush from the Sephora women and they loaned me one similar to the zoeva brush on top and when I applied it I was so surprised that it lasted for >5 hours even when I did not set it + it was not shiny. I was so sold so I picked up the foundation and the brush (yes, I spent 5 hours in Sephora). I started to explore the Korean brands and I came across the cream blush and I was pleasantly surprised because I’ve had really bad luck finding a suitable coral shade but this was perfect so I had to get it too. HAHA but strangely, I haven’t been successful in replicating the effect I got from that day in the shop so I have been really upset but I will try harder!!


IMG_7293.JPGThe last items I got from this haul (I went on another one soon after HAHA) were these serums from The Ordinary which Wayne Goss raved about and honestly I think that he is one of the most honest youtubers around so I really trust him and got these. Also, I was running out of serums so why not right? To be honest I haven’t seen a significant change per se because I only use them at night so maybe thats why… it’s a little too strong for me 😥 (I have dehydrated oil-combination skin which peels very easily and is also very sensitive LOL)


ANYWAY  this concludes this haul and I do have some new products that I got recently and am still trying out so those will come up soon! I haven’t been slacking around or anything (ok maybe only when it comes to updating) but my life has been really busy since 12/12/16 beacause I started my internship and there was christmas bla bla bla so I just haven’t gotten the time to sit down and consolidate. so this page will be as updated as it can be and of course it’s still in november/ early december).



6 thoughts on “Birthday Haul

  1. everlastingnikita says:

    I have small fingers and small eyelids and I take my time with the colorpop shadows. It takes some time to get used to their shadows but in the end they are beautiful.

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