This post can also be called the Youtube-Made-Me-Buy-It haul because I basically bought all these after my fav youtubers (Zoella, Kathleenlights, Wayne Goss… ok i thought i had more but i don’t) bought and loved them + Ive  seen thousand and one related videos ALL on the same products so they must be good right..? IMG_5352.JPG

(Left to right:  Too Faced Hangover RX Face Primer, NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in FIJI, FOREA LUNA for combination skin, mini HOOLA bronzer, ZOEVA Smudger  Brush and BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Powder in CHAMPAGNE POP, Cover FX Custom Cover Drops in G30.  Not in picture: KAT VON D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita)

Okay I didn’t get a lot because I already have a hugeeeeeeeee bunch of makeup so I really didn’t need anymore but c’mon who can resist the twice a year 20% off at Sephora?? I always find it a great opportunity to buy products that are way over my budget during this time bc they become SO MUCH CHEAPER so yeah why not HAHA. This actually happened quite some time ago but I waited for awhile before doing this because I really want to give them a good try before I say anything about them. (But till now… I still havent got to try the Cover FX drops bc I was way too obsessed with my NARS and not reviewing the brush bc I think brushes are really hard to review idk)


Too Faced Hangover FX Primer: This is a cream-texture primer. The first thing that I loved was that even tho its a tube product, it has a pump!!!?!?!?!? So I was pretty shocked HAHA  I honestly like the coconut scent that comes along with it??? I guess its because it contains coconut water which we all know is hydrating so yes, this product IS hydrating and I find that it works best with the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (I mean like duh since they are from the same brand HAHA) Overall I think it does live up to its hype of being a good primer but personally I do prefer primers that are silky.

NARS Sheer Glow: HOLY (ok before I begin lemme just vent a little. I actually never got to use this bottle because the first time I wanted to, I decided to shake the foundation because it’s my first use and it slipped out of my hand AND SHATTERED EVERY-FKING-WHERE. I WAS REALLY UPSET so I contemplated real hard on buying another one because it’s SGD$71 but I had to try it so eventually I bought another bottle……) back to my review: my holy-grail foundation has always been the Too Faced Born This Way but I find that it tends to cake sometimes when I don’t set it properly, esp when I’m in a rush 😦 But this, this foundation made me really confused…… because I cannot decide which is better… Both foundations have buildable coverage and both blends really well so both are winners to me!!! But the difference between this and BTW is that this is more watery so i find it easier to control the amount I want on my face BUT THERE IS NO PUMP. or rather you need to spend $12 on the pump so thats cheating yo. HAHA But yes, really glad that I got this and Im pretty sure I will repurchase it when I’m through with this bottle

FOREO LUNAAAA: I have pretty sensitive and easily-clogged skin (tragic) so I’ve always needed something to help me clean my skin. I had a clarisonic once but it dropped on the floor and died on me so thats sad and I was hesitant to get another device because we all know that they are REALLY expensive and honestly, I’ve always seen a brush w the same silicone heads as the FOREO brushes at daiso (i.e. they cost $2) so it always seemed like it was unnecessary BUT WHEN THEY LAUNCHED FOREO PLAY AND LUNA, it changed the game. Okay basically these models are smaller than the original product. The reason behind FOREO PLAY was that they wanted to let people who were hesitant to commit to the product (i.e. ME) try it so who could resist them cute balls and I got one and I felt that it was really good because me skin was evidently smoother and less bumpy and my face feels really soft after every use. SO a few weeks later I saw FOREO LUNA and I knew that deep down, it was a sign from heaven that we were meant to be together. LOL. Okay yes I bought it. I decided against the original FOREO device because I didn’t need such a huge one or so many speeds. LUNA was small but big enough and the normal speed was just nice for me and it also had the same eye-treatment function. PLUS ITS WAY CHEAPER so it didn’t make sense to me to get the large one. I use this every day at night to make sure I get everything that isn’t supposed to be on my face out before I use my expensive skincare and head to bed for MAX SKIN RENEWAL EFFICIENCY YOZ It cleanses and exfoliates really well and for a rechargeable device that could potentially last for years, I think it’s a worthy investment!!

HOOLA: Okay this product is honestly pretty scary because it is SO PIGMENTED I had a rude shock the first time I used it. The bronzers I’ve had had always been really useless. I don’t even see anything after I apply them and I stupidly thought that all bronzers are supposed to be light. so the first time I used it, I basically looked like I didn’t blend my bronzer after applying it and walked out of the room when in actual fact, I SPENT 10MINS TRYING??? but it was just too much to blend out……. So yes, rude shock but pleasant surprise because for the first time I manage to contour my face properly (I used it tgt with the Zoeva Nude Spectrum Blush Palette) and I felt like Tyra Banks for once. AND THIS SAVED MY REALLY WIDE AND FLAT NOSE so yes I am extremely impressed, tho I do recommend a light hand when you use this product.

BECCA CHAMPAGE POP: So becoming Tyra Banks wasn’t as easy as contouring. It required some solid highlighting and this was exactly what I needed. Ok this is not my first becca product. My first was actually the Skin Perfector Poured in Rose Gold and I was impressed by the shine because it wasn’t so glittery that my pore looked so huge as if my face look like a lotus but it brought just the right amount of glow that I looked less like a zombie and more healthy. So faith in the brand was 100points but it didn’t sit with me that I didn’t have the product that everyone loved??? So I bought it after a month of thinking about it (furreal Im not joking) I think the best part of this is that you don’t even need to use that much product to achieve the perfect glow!! A picture speaks a thousand words so here is le asian tyra banksIMG_7066.JPG

I did not even increase the brightness/ highlights of this photo so what you see is really what you get from BECCA. need I say more???

KAT VON D Liquid Lipstick in LOLITA: Okay this is a GORGEOUS muted pink/ ok IDK HOW TO DESCRIBE because it’s really a complex colour and it comes out differently for everyone but I love it because I feel like it brings just the right amount of colour to your lips. I wouldn’t call it a nude but I wouldn’t say it’s a super obvious lip colour as well. It just makes you look healthy, not like a crackpot after applying foundation. What I did not like was how easily it transfers because I am always eating or swinging my hands around so I accidentally touch my face a lot ._. But I would say that the colour is really perfect in the sense that it’s ‘just nice’, like what you would use for a casual look, that I really didn’t mind the formula. I ended up getting Lolita II too hehe.

So overall, no ragrats even though this haul set my wallet back quite a bit T.T. Okay it’s not really a haul either since I didn’t buy a lot of products LOL but they still cost me a bomb and I’m sad because I noticed that sephora just increased the price of a lot of products……………. notty sephora. I went on another haul recently (smiling but you can see tears forming in my eyes) at sephora and colour pop because there was FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING (with USD$50 spent) and the holiday + hello kitty collection was TO DIE FOR which made achieving free shipping as easy as ABC and also, some skincare from The Original that Wayne Goss Raved about. So that should be coming up soon (read: 2/3 months time since I really wanna try them first)

In other news, I’m in the midst of finals which is why this is totally not appropriate (blogging and shopping) but my friend basically said that I should be a makeup artist or a wedding planner because she can’t imagine me as an engineer (SURPRISE!!! IM AN ENGINEER-TO-BE) when I told her about free shipping HAHA so here I am blogging HAHA okay toodles back to more organic compound reactions and physics and maybe a lil bit of dying

SHOT ON: iPhone SE



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