Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant

So I’ve been missing for awhile now because we have been really busy and we haven’t been going out/ exploring new places.

BUT it’s birthday season for us so we got out to and I brought him here because he loves unagi so much and also thought it was a really special place since they kill live eels…? Anyway the shop is located at a deserted corner BEHIND the building and to be really honest, I half wanted to turn back around because I thought that I was headed the wrong way but really, it’s located at the back so you need to turn down the corner that looked like its the end because it isn’t the end HAHA

We arrived and I was honestly surprised to find that there was no queue?! But then again we reached pretty late so that probably explains + the location isn’t exactly easy to find IMG_5889.JPG


CAN YOU SEE THE EEL??? Okay cool shit so we sat down somewhere sadly really far away from the cooking place 😦 but still the atmosphere really transported us back To Japan. Maybe it’s because it’s run by R E A L Japanese people and there were quite a number of Japanese patrons so… it really felt like Japan. AND NOTHING SCREAMS JAPAN MORE LIKE GREEN TEA SERVED IN A JUG.

Okay anyway the menu was honestly confusing and messy and I absolutely had no idea what was going on so I just pointed to a main and then all the ala carte things available and the he picked out a main too so here’s what we ordered: Some unagi rice bowl, pork belly bowl, grilled salt unagi and also unagitama thing. HAHA shit description but i forgot to take a photo of the menu so… We didn’t order a lot as well since most of it was sold out


Im rather ambivalent bc on one hand, I’m super excited that the wasabi was real wasabi and there were just so many ways you could eat the set meal but I have to say that the ala carte dishes were really disappointing because they were cold when they came so I suspect that those weren’t cooked when we ordered but pretty earlier on… So a tad disappointed so I would say that if you want, do go earlier ’cause we reached around 8.30.

If you take a look at what he got, he basically got a bowl of rice + real fragrant pork belly, a dish of spring onions, seaweed and wasabi, and also a pot of broth. So basically, you can either eat the bowl like it is, or add the dish of condiments, or add the broth, or add the broth and the condiments. AND EVERY COMBINATION WAS DELICIOUS. I stole some of his broth and added to my own unagi bowl hehe

Also, if you choose to get the salt grilled unagi, it comes without sauce so you can eat it and just taste eel so that’s really different because we are so accustomed to having unagi with the sauce. But if you don’t like it plain as it is, there are also sauces provided like the unagi sauce itself, sweet sauce and spicy sauce. I like the spicy sauce the best to be honest because it wasn’t super spicy, just a lil bit + there was the unagi sauce as well.

Overall, I think I will still go again because the unagi sets are way cheaper than what you get in other Japanese food shops and you really get authentic Japanese cuisine and the atmosphere just adds a few more points. But definitely, go earlier so that you get fresh food and also, lesser items being sold out. Also, choose the bar counter seats if possible then you can watch the preparation of the eel and stuff HAHA


Shot on: iPhone 7

Edited on: VSCO


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